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Nature recording, Silent winter day February, Amager Fælled.

This is a nature recording from a gray February winter day at Amager fælled (24th Feb. 2013),  just a few kilometers from Copenhagen centre.  This cold, quiet and colorless recording should be seen in contrast to the green and luxuriant scenes, at the exact same location during mid summer, as can be seen in this previous recording from last year.

Amager fælled, February 2013-1

Gray winter scenes at Amager fælled, February 2013

The audio nature recording can be heard here (put on headphones for full experience)

Download Mp3 16:30 minutes

(Put on headphones to get the best experience!)

I think winter is very quiet, and the quietness sharpens your ears.  But the result is often, that the man-made city sounds becomes very pronounced.  So that means on the recording, the audible sounds are dominated and various city sounds, metro, planes, road noise, ambulances. While the nature itself are here  represented by noisy magpies.

The winter this year, 2012-2013 has had alternating periods of relative mild (+5C) and cold (-5C) weather. Now it is about 0C and windy.  It even started to snow at the end.

Amager Fælled February 2013

Amager Fælled February 2013

Amager Fælled February 2013

Amager Fælled February 2013

Amager Fælled February 2013

Amager Fælled February 2013

Amager Fælled February 2013

Amager Fælled February 2013

Camera and microphones setup

Camera and microphones setup

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  1. Excellent stuff as usual! Here in Belgium we also had snow last week, really a rarity so late in winter. Too bad the pictures aren’t big enough to use as a wallpaper.

  2. Love the quality of the audio and the general set-up, having a camera rolling at the same time, along with images…really gives a feel for the place and the time. Just started to do similar things here in the UK. Been a sound recordist for many years and have accumulated all sorts of different audio recordings across the world…now having a thorough attempt to put them all online which takes quite an effort…

  3. I’m sorry about that, I think we’ll do a separate community awards next time (or perhaps half way through this year). Mixing the categories seems to confuse a lot of people.

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