Posted by: recordingsofnature | March 12, 2010

Recording Hardware

My current recording hardware is composed of:

For the main microphone pair I use a set of Earthworks QTC40 (QTC1) microphones. They have a wide linear frequency pickup range from 5Hz to 40kHz and share several similarities with measurement type microphones. This also means a slightly higher background level.

Earthworks QTC40  (QTC1)

Measurement style microphones, Earthworks QTC40 (QTC1)

The microphones are connected the preamp balanced, phantom powered XLR. I use a Lunatech V3 from Grace Design.

Portable preamp Lunatech V3

Lunatech V3

An M-Audio Microtrack II recorder is connected to the preamp via SPDIF for digital recording, typical 88.2 or 96kHz 24 bit.

M-Audio, Microtrack II

M-Audio, Microtrack II for digital recording

For the preamp battery I use a sealed lead-acid type, 6V 12Ah (1.8 Kg). For the moment the microtrack is powered by its own battery, however I am considering to get an additional usb battery pack for power backup.

Sealed lead-acid battery

6V 12 Ah, sealed lead-acid battery for powering preamp

Everything, including the microphone wooden box, fits into a shoulder bag . Of course stands for microphones and microphone accessories will have to be carried in another bag.

The electronics recording hardware

The portable recording hardware

Gear packed into a bag

Gear packed into a bag


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