Posted by: recordingsofnature | April 11, 2010

Utterslev Mose, 10. April 2010

Here is an recording from Utterslev Mose, which is a moor located 8 km from the center of Copenhagen. It has a surprisingly diverse wild life especially for birds. Very dominating are several large colonies of black headed gulls. Despite being quite noisy, they provide shelter and attract many other species.

Utterslev mose 2010-april-10

Utterslev mose recording location

Download mp3

The recording is taken a Saturday morning 7 am, 10th of April 2010. It was a bit cold, 4 C and quite cloudy. Most of the gulls were at medium distance

Utterslev mose nature recording 2010-april-10

Utterslev mose nature recording

Close up of the microphone horn

Close up of the microphone setup

The setup was again based on this, without any wind protection. Some high pass filtering to remove deep rumbling and a slight EQ has been applied before converting to mp3.


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