Posted by: recordingsofnature | May 3, 2010

Sound of coins on a table

This is a recording of coins falling and swirling on a hard wood table. The Dummy head setup used was basically no. 6 here.  The distance between the coins and dummy was appx 40-50 cm.

2-kroner and 1-kroner

Coins used for the test, Danish 2-kroner and 1-kroner

A slight EQ has been applied to compensate for the toothpick frequency HF rise in the 3-10kHz range. This should result in a quite flat frequency response. When playing the sound clip, the highest level of realism is obtained when the volume is adjusted to the real life level. It may be possible to shoot in on the right level by playing with some coins on your own table. Please start with a quite low volume, since the clip starts with a loud pulse!

Download mp3

Audio sample is 5dB below natural volume when setting the volume as described here.

To further enhance the realism you might even consider applying your own EQ to compensate for your headphone’s frequency response. There is a good chance that you can find you headphone’s frequency response on Try this link.

For the sake of exploring the ultrasonic part of the spectrum, below is a down-pitched version playing at 1/4  speed (- 24 semitones). In this clip it is possible to hear the difference between the two coins dropping in the beginning (first a Danish 2-krone, then a 1-krone). Also note the dramatic reverberation and exaggerated stereo image.

Downloadn mp3

The spectrum gives a graphical representation of what is happening.

Coins on table audio spectrum

Spectrum of the audio sequence


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