Posted by: recordingsofnature | May 11, 2010

Bird song Northern Jutland 9th May 2010

This is a recording made on a nice sunny, but not so warm (13C) May day in Northern Jutland, Fjerritslev in Denmark. A lot of bird song in the air, surprisingly diverse. The main voices are Chaffinch (bogfinke), Wood pigeon (ringdue), Blackcap (munk), Blue tit (blåmejse), Chiffchaff (skovsanger). More distant in the background it may be possible to hear Lesser whitethroat (gærdesanger),  Goldcrest (fuglekonge),  Willow warbler (løvsanger), Pheasant (fasan), Yellow hammer (gulspurv), Goldfinch (stillits), Black bird (solsort).

Recording setup

Recording setup, Dummy head pointing into the trees/bushes

download mp3 recording

recording setup

Recording setup with dummy head


For the recording the standard dummy head was used with a toothpick addon (no 6) and a simple wind screen.

The recording has received standard amplification, so a natural listening volume can be approached by using the calibration in this post. A slight EQ has been applied to compensate for the tooth pick effect.


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