Posted by: recordingsofnature | August 21, 2010

Ultrasonics of grasshoppers

It is easy to imagine that sonic communication in the insect world is of a different magnitude than the audible communication known to humans, both in terms of frequency range and the “talking” speed.

This recording was made over a grass field in Norther Jutland, Denmark using 96kHz sampling and QCT40 microphones. Hereby,it is possible to explore the ultrasonic frequencies up to 48kHz.

Recording setup -grasshoppers 2

Recording setup -grasshoppers 2

Below the recording a normal speed:

Download mp3-normal speed

Below the recording at 0.25 x speed (meaning down pitched 2 octaves), same amplification!

Download mp3 x0.25 speed

The down pitched sample clearly reveals a lot of sonic activity which is inaudible at normal speed.

Recording setup - grasshoppers

Recording setup - grasshoppers

Spectral view of the first 7 seconds of the recording:

Grasshopper recording 96kHz rec - 7sec

Spectral view of Grasshopper recording, range 0-48kHz - 7sec

and zooming in on the first second:

Grasshopper recording 96kHz rec - 1sec

Spectral view of Grasshopper recording, range 0-48kHz 1sec

As the spectra show, most of the grasshopper sounds are present in the ultrasonic range starting from 15kHz and at least up to 48 kHz.



  1. Hello.

    I discover your blog now. I’m a young sound ingenier in France (excuse me for my bad English…). I’m fond of nature recordings and I do it, all the time I can but I don’t have the good equipement.
    I keep your adress blog and will look at it regularely.
    Thank’s for your goods recordings and have fun!



  2. Hi – nice blog! I’d love to hear more of these grasshopper recordings. It’s interesting how there seem to be regional “dialects” in so many species. I have a recording of crickets at my blog which you might be interested in.


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