Posted by: recordingsofnature | December 26, 2010

High speed camera with sound

When using a high speed camera, the sound is normally disabled. But, using an external recording setup at 96 kHz together with the camera  can add an extra dimension to the high speed video.

Here, a Casio EX-FH100 is recording a film clip at 420 FPS which is 14 times slower than the normal 30 FPS. This means the sound has to be pitched down correspondingly by a factor of 14, or 45.68 semitones (done in in Cool Edit), to be in sync with the clip. In this process, 48 kHz will be pitched to 3429 Hz, 15 kHz will be 1071 Hz and 1 kHz will be only 143 Hz.

The sound really enhances the drama. Tiny metal parts hitting the wooden table now sound like much bigger solid iron disks and bars, and the reverberation of the room is just huge.


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