Posted by: recordingsofnature | May 14, 2011

Sound of thunder and rain in copenhagen 14th May 2011

Here is another recording from my balcony. Again some rain is developing, but now spiced up with a few thunder blasts (at 0:10, 2:52, 4:31 and finally 7:38 !). They are pretty much louder! compared to the remaining part of the recording with rain and street noise. So, it is a challenge for the dynamic range of the system and to reproduce it at the authentic natural levels. Some EQ has been applied to mitigate this,  though Im not sure I have used the best technique. The EQ  being a subsonic roll off and -3db in 60-250 Hz. Also slight softening -2dB in 4-8kHz to compensate for the pressure equalizer effect.

Rain and wind proof audio recording setup during thunder

Slightly more rain and wind proof audio recording (dummy head) setup during a storm

download mp3

(Best in headphones!)

The setup used, which is based on the standard setup, has now become more rain and wind proof, as seen on the picture. This recording is a test of the setup before going out in a forest for a serious rain recording.



  1. Excellent recording – it captures a nice dynamic range! Make sure your microphones are well protected from driving rain though – I lost a Rode NT4 through water damage whilst recording storms!


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