Posted by: recordingsofnature | May 16, 2011

Rain the the forest – Dyrehaven 16th of May 2011

Recording from Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen 16th of May 2011, afternoon. It was steadily raining but otherwise very quiet in the forest. (I actually like the thought of being able to record at very silence locations). Anyway, from listening to the record, I realize that it never gets completely quiet in this part of the forest as the amusement park Dyrehavsbakken is located about 1km away. Add to this regular airplanes, trains and a motorway a little further away. But the birds seemed much quieter than usual…

Wet, humid and green in Dyrehaven 16th of May 2011

Wet, humid and green in Dyrehaven 16th of May 2011

download mp3 (take1 – 12:23 minutes)

download mp3 (take2 – 11:22 minutes)

Dyrehaven - very green

Dyrehaven - everything very green

The setup passed the test with respect to the rain. I had a chance to set it up just before the rain intensified. Rigging up under a large tree with a sloped tree trunk keeps everything quite dry.

Recording of rain in the forest

Dummy head setup under a sloped tree trunk. The head has a 2 cm thick foam shelter mounted above.

Recording setup in Dyrehaven - light rain

Recording "camp" in Dyrehaven - moderate rain



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