Posted by: recordingsofnature | May 22, 2011

More rain and thunder at Amager Fælled, May 22nd 2011

This recording is from Amager Fælled in Copenhagen. It was a serious test to the rain-proof setup, and I was a bit lucky that everything went fine, as the wind, rain and thunder turned out more intense than expected.

The wind really picked up just before and in the beginning of the storm. The recording starts with the first rain drops, but the intensity develops throughout the clip. I hope it gives a sensation of how it actually was out there in the wet lands, May 22nd, 17:30.

(Update 25.5.2011: Clip amplified 8 dB)

Download mp3(12:52 minutes, listen in headphones!)

Recording in the rain

Recording in the rain

Below is a collection of pictures from the event:

rain setup - before the rain

rain setup with "hat" and wind protection - before the rain started

View of the setup under tree - still no rain

View of the setup under tree - still no rain

I am in a swamp area

I am in a swamp area

View of the setup

The recording setup

The clouds look threatening

The clouds look threatening but still no rain

me, before the rain

me, before the rain

Preamp and recorder ready for precipitaion

Preamp and recorder ready for some precipitation

Grace Lunatec v3 and M-audio via spdif

Grace Lunatec v3 and M-audio Microtrack II via spdif

Now it is raining

Now it is raining

Nature recording

Nature recording - this time bit dramatic experience

DMI Radar animation of the recorded storm 20110522

DMI Radar animation of the recorded storm 20110522. Click to see animation.



  1. Excellent recording & post. Hope the microphones didn’t get too damp from rain splashing up from the undergrowth. The top hat seems to have stopped the harsh noise of the rain drops hitting the protection – what did you use, a type of soft foam rubber?


  2. Thanks!
    The top hat is just a standard polyurethane foam sheet, appx 2cm thick, and the idea is exactly to reduce the sound of hitting raindrops and in the same time have a shelter that doesn’t block the sound too much. Unfortunately it is only rainproof for a limited time! The nylon tights wind protection was effective against splashing rain. In the end the foam was completely soaking and dripping, luckily only along the edges. At that time I had to put an umbrella over the setup and pack it all down into a bag with a lot of silica gel. So, it got quite tense in the end, but luckily no damage to the equipment.


  3. This is amazing! Incredibly detailed and realistic. I felt like I was really in the environment. What was your power source, batteries? Would you allow others (like ME) to use this under music I do at my studio? Any licensing fee?


    • thanks for the comment! -My power source is an old school 6V 12AH, sealed lead-acid battery = 2kg…
      It is really cool when the recordings can be used and remixed in new ways.
      For commercial production there may be a license fee – also sent email


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