Posted by: recordingsofnature | June 13, 2011

Atmosphere and Samba Rhythms at Copenhagen Carnival 2011

Here is an atmospheric recording of the atmosphere at Copenhagen Carnival 2011, June 10-12.

The crowds of people made it difficult to approach the main carnival parade, however at a back stage area there was an opportunity to get a bit closer. It was a really nice atmosphere in the evening filled with deep bass drums from the various stages in the area. And, once you get close to a real life samba group, it is a true delight of punching and clinging rhythms. This is what I was hoping to capture on the recording.

Encounter with a small samba group copenhagen carnival 2011

Encounter with a samba group Copenhagen carnival 2011

(Close encounters with samba groups are at 1:10 and 5:20 in the clip. Best in headphones.)

Download mp3, atmosphere recording copenhagen carnival 2011

The bass drums are just very dominating, and it also caused some of clipping in the recording. I think human ears have a natural way of compressing the bass when it gets above a certain level. So, the post processing has included a serious bass roll off.  Thus the lower bass shelf (125Hz) is reduced by 11-16 dB, before amplifying and hard limiting. For the recording, the setup was put into the front basket of my bike, quite convenient to get around with!

Samba group passing by

Samba group passing by

(Pyehhh, a busy recording week, time to let the microphones get some rest!)


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