Posted by: recordingsofnature | September 18, 2011

Recording from Sortedams Sø, Copenhagen

A field recording from the lakes in Copenhagen, Sunday morning, 18-9-2011 around 10 am.

Recording at sortedamssøen Copehagen

Recording at Sortedamssøen Copehagen

Download recording as mp3 (12 minutes)

To support the audio, I have collected a series of pictures taken at the exact place during the recording. Those can be seen as a full screen slideshow here:  .(click the screen a few times to get the full screen)

So, if you watch the (very slow!) slideshow while listening to the recording,  you should hopefully get a good sensation of how it is sitting at a bench by the lakes in Copenhagen.The recording was made using the below shown microphone setup, which is built into a bike basket. For an enhanced HF pick up, the microphones were fitted with horns/pressure equalizers (Fimo form1).

Microphones in bike basket

Microphones in bike basket





  1. Nu er jeg motiveret til en løbetur langs Damhussøen efter at have hørt alle de andre løbetrin ved Sortedamssøen.

    Kirkeklokker, bilers motorstøj, menneskesnak, en gammel bogside, en interesseret måge – det var en god ting at sidde med på bænken.



  2. Hi – wow, what a fantastic recording … the people jogging, the church bells, the traffic. In combination with the photos, you have really provided such a great portrait of urban life in Copenhagen. Nice work!


  3. Brilliant idea to put the mics in bike basket.
    I think I will try it one day.



  4. Apparently a Finn is meeting someone at 17:00…


  5. Super film af Søerne i København. I kan også tage et kik på: Hvis i har lyst 🙂


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