Posted by: recordingsofnature | December 31, 2011

Stormy tree tops

This recording is taken during one of the stormy and mild days between Christmas and New year 2011, Northern Jutland, Denmark. Its always more windy up there, which can also seen for many  trees which have a permanent sloped shape. I found a good location, well sheltered from the wind by smaller pines, and with clear view to rows of higher wind-battered tree tops. The wind is coming from left to right on the recording.

Stormy tree tops

Stormy tree tops to the right

Below is a 7 minutes clip of the recording. The sound is best suited for head phones.

download mp3 7 minutes

A full 45 minutes long version of the recording in full audio quality should be available soon.

It was not easy to capture windy and waving  tree tops on the pictures. Yes, the wind is not really visible:

Blæsten kan man ikke få at se
Det er der ikke noget at gøre ved,
men når luften rigtig suser,
og når alle træer bruser,
så det let at gætte at det blæser.

The setup is based on the standard configuration, only with double layer wind protection, as one may notice on the pictures. The wind was generally calm in the shelter position, but still gusts found it’s way from time to time. But is was not really audible behind the nylon shelter.

Setup with view to stomy tree tops

Setup with view to stormy tree tops

Dummy head setup with two-layer wind protection

Standard dummy head setup with two-layer wind protection

outlook from recorder

outlook from mike setup

tree tops to the left

tree tops to the left

Old fallen tree trunks

Old fallen tree trunks

Recently broken tree trunk

Recently broken tree trunk


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