Posted by: recordingsofnature | January 2, 2012

New Year fireworks in Copenhagen 2012 – audio

Fireworks in Copenhagen has developed into an intense crackling inferno. It is normal to buy a considerable volume of fireworks, being mostly larger batteries and sky rockets with colorful explosive effects. Here I have tried to make a recording from a residential urban area, Vanløse, Copenhagen, starting about 10 minutes past twelve. At 24:00, there is a noticeable quiet period, but this only lasts until people finish up with the bells and get out on the streets to fire up. Then the big crescendo starts.

Fireworks sky, 2011-2012 Copenhagen

Fireworks in Copenhagen 2011-2012

Note fairly high volume blasts through out the recording (max at about 11:30).

Fireworks, New year 2011-2012 Copenhagen download mp3

Clipping was unavoidable even with very low preamp gain (and otherwise normal dummy head setup). In the post processing I have tried to handle the peaks by use of a fair amount of hard limiting. Well, the microphones certainly received some hits that night. I am not sure if this kind of “massage” is “healthy” for the gear, but it appeared to endure the session!

Happy New Year!

Fireworks, New year, Vanløse 2011-2012


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