Posted by: recordingsofnature | March 13, 2012

First spring 2012 – Forest of Dyrehaven. Sounds with video

Even though it looked like we were stuck with freezing cold Siberian air masses in the beginning of February, the spring has rapidly made its way. This Sunday, 11-3-2012, it was the first really pleasant and sunny day. This made Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen, Denmark, a crowded place, but I found a nice remote spot.

Location in Dyrehaven, sound and video

Still not that many sounds from the birds. That is why trains and airplanes (and motorway) still appear very loud.  The identified birds are: Great tit, Raven (2:45…), Nuthatch, Chaffinch, Cockcrow, Buzzard, Great spotted woodpecker (1:15).

Together with the audio recording, which was made with the usual setup, I took a video to supplement the sound. It is still a bit experimental at this stage, but the aim is to better document the time and place.

The sound recording with video is a 15 minutes continuous take where sound and video have been synchronized.

Put it in HD-mode to get the best sound, and use headphones. Though not really sure what Youtube is doing to the sound quality. So, alternatively the sound recording can be played below (in mp3).

download mp3 15 minutes


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