Posted by: recordingsofnature | May 21, 2012

Bognæs – Salt meadow – Silent field recording and video

This is a field recording from the salt meadow at the north shore of Bognæs, by Roskilde fjord. It was captured 6:30 am, 19th of May 2012, just at the edge between the wood and the open salt meadow. It’s a beautiful remote  location and the background road noise is low, which is a pleasant experience. But then, the bird calls were also pretty distant, so all in all it turned out into a very quiet recording…

Was attempting to do some live videoing during the recording – i clearly need more practicing on this!

Check it out below:

Download mp3 12:50 minutes

Recording gear at Bognæs

It also turned out that a small beetle was sitting on the grid of the left microphone after the session. It may have been there during most of the recording and further reducing of the sound levels. These things are unavoidable when technology meets nature.

Recording gear at Bognæs salt meadow

Salt meadow seen from the edge of the wood



  1. Nice!!.

    I’m kind of new at recording ambient and nature sounds.
    Here is one of my first attempts:



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