Posted by: recordingsofnature | June 4, 2012

Early summer, green forest. June 2nd 2012, Dyrehaven

This is a audio and video footage from the Danish beech forest when it is the most green and idyllic.  The Saturday started cold, windy and rainy. I wasn’t too optimistic about any recordings, but still it payed off to try my luck in the forest. In the evening,  7 pm, the sky eventually cleared up and the wind settled, and everything turned incredibly fresh and relaxing during the final hours of the day.

Download mp3 12 minutes

Low evening sun shining through the forest

See more pictures from the recording and the equipment…

Microphone and camera on location



Idyllic green forest



Dyrehaven June 2nd 2012

The video and sound was recorded simultaneously, but with a distance of about 25 meters to the camera. For the sound, I used the new dummy head setup, which is more a Jecklin disk. Compared to the old dummy head, this new one is easier to setup, and transport (lighter). I think the Jecklin disk is important in order to get an effective stereo separation. It is still a challenge to finding the best distance and angles of the microphones relative to the disk. For this recording, the distance was about 20-25 cm. As usual, the black pressure equalisers (fimo form 1, 1mm) serves to enhance pickup in the 5-9 khz band and directionality of the omni microphones (like the human ears).

The camera for the video, Nikon d5100

microphone setup from above

setup front view

setup without wind protection

setup without windprotection

pressure equalizer, 1mm adjusted


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