Posted by: recordingsofnature | August 19, 2012

Organ music – Two psalms played in Danish medieval church

This is a recording of 2 classical Danish psalms played at the organ in an old church in Han Herred, Northern Jutland. The church was originally build of granite in the 12th century in roman style.  Other parts such as the tower were added later in the late middle ages, and a major repair was made in 1801.  Most of the inventory is from the 16th and 17th century, however the organ is said to be far newer.

Historically, this is a windy  and remote region of the country, squeezed between Limfjorden and the North Sea, and it has been highly affected by sand drift over the centuries.

Below is the resulting audio-video footage from July 2012. The sound is captured about 4 meters in front of the organ. Listen in headphones for the best quality.

Download mp3

There are about 1000 preserved medieval  churches in Denmark, which all together provide a rare  view into the local history and culture.



  1. An excellent capture – everything seems to gel together – beautiful church & location – appropriate & well played organ music – great sounding organ – good video & great audio – well done!

    ps. Did I detect the use of a ‘flycam’?


    • Thanks for the comment!!!
      Still no flycam… the camera was operated by moving the whole tripod. Actually most of the video from the session was a bit shaky, but luckily it was possible to cut most of it out!


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  3. I highly recommend this organ music –

    It’s free and it’s groovy


  4. Any simple program that can record songs played through a MIDI cable…?


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