Posted by: recordingsofnature | October 7, 2012

Autumn rain in the forest – field recording

Here is a nature recording from a rainy evening in Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen, October 5th 2012. The Autumn is a beautiful season in this old forest. The colors are getting quite intense both when the sun shines and when it rains!

Dense autumn rain in Dyrehaven

Dense autumn rain in Dyrehaven, October 2012

This summer I had planned to investigate the sound of rain.  I think rain can be a very  pleasant and relaxing, and also an interesting soundscape full of details and spatial sensation. Surprisingly, the summer this year turned out relatively dry. However, now it seems, it can’t hold back anymore.

The recording is made from a small shed with a good porch roof to shelter against the rain. What you hear is mainly rain dripping from the roof, while the surrounding forest produces a low whispering sound from the rain.

Download Mp3 – 7 minutes recording

The rain that day was pretty good for audio recording. Dense and nearly no wind. It had been on for the whole day, and intensified slightly during the recording session. In this way the soil and all surfaces were well soaked, giving the full rainy sound. I am starting to realize, that the sound from rain purely has to do with the sound of the things it falls on. In that way the sound is really very diverse. And that calls for further investigations.

Also see the this 16 minutes video footage from the same session, again using the same microphone setup attached to the camera:

More pictures below.

Red deers

Kronhjorte (red deers) passing by

Red deers are common in Dyrehaven

Red deers are common in Dyrehaven

DSLR camera with microphones attached

DSLR camera with microphones attached


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