Posted by: recordingsofnature | December 7, 2015

Pine forest in December, Windy

Audio recording Sunday morning about 9 o’clock, 6th December 2015 in Brøndbyskoven near Copenhagen, DK.


Pine forest, Brøndbyskoven

Trying to catch some of the winter atmosphere in the forest,  though the temperature was warm – about 10C. Again windy, but otherwise not much happening. All leaves are now gone, but this didn’t make much difference as this recording was made in a section with pine trees. Pine forests produce a rather anechoic feeling, where all sounds are rather muffled. From time to time, you can hear the wind cut through with soft but yet powerful blasts. Again, the deep motorway rumbling is a bit dominating.

Download mp3 (~23MB)


The tree-ears recording setup can be seen as a small black dot in the centre

The recording was made using a new version of the simplified tree-ears setup, where the functional parts of the ear consist of two bars behind the microphone capsule, a small one to enhance frequencies >9kHz, and a larger one to give a forward notch at about 8kHz. I will post more details about this setup soon.
Recorded directly in mp3, 224kbps.


Tree-ears setup with wind shiedling



  1. Very enjoyable, it gave a sense of being there! I particularly liked the movement of the wind across the stereo field and was pleased that you included the aircraft, as that provided some perspective to the field.

    I am surprised how little noise is generated between the ‘tree ears’ attachment and the tree trunk, especially during the movement of the tree in the wind.

    Look forward to seeing your latest development!


    • Im glad you enjoyed the recording.
      I have actually never noticed any sounds from the tree trunk side. Between the microphone box and the tree trunk is some fabric (Ikea pot holder). Maybe this absorbs it.
      Hope to do some longer recordings with this setup soon.


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