Posted by: recordingsofnature | February 8, 2016

Copenhagen urban night sounds. Meteorite sound bonus.

This is a field recording from Copenhagen Saturday evening and night of February 6th 2016.
It is really just hours of monotonous and endless street noise of passing cars and other sounds of the breathing city.

For every 15 minutes you can hear the Town hall bell strike from its high tower about 6 km away. It stops after midnight, but it is surprising how clear those bells cut through.

By incredible coincidence I was lucky to capture the sound of a meteorite falling though the sky. Fragments of meteorite were afterwards found in Ejby and Herlev, some 15 Km away (link). So watch out for a deep boom – somewhat like faint thunder – at about 22:08 in the second clip.

Headphones highly recommended.

1) Recording from 17:45 till 19. Starting just after sunset, dark.

Download mp3 (~175MB)

From about t=13:30 church bells around the city is ringing the sun down.

2) Meteorite sound, recording from 22 -22.15

Download mp3 (~35MB)

At about 22:08, watch out for deep, highly subsonic, meteorite boom.

3) Early morning from 3 – 4:30 in the morning)

Download mp3 (~210MB)
At t=6:47 some fireworks.

The recording is made using a standalone version of tree-ears setup, using semi binaural “ears”. 5C, dry conditions, a bit windy.



  1. Great!


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