Posted by: recordingsofnature | February 19, 2016

Winter night recording, Sømosen Ballerup

This is a night audio recording from Sømosen in Ballerup [map] 15-16.2.2016. Sømosen is a small bogland with shallow waters and reed beds. This bog is formed when a block of ice was left melting as the last Ice age retreated (a kettle), and is one of many in the  Sjælland and Copenhagen area.


Calm and clear night with temperatures dropping to freezing  -7C in the morning.

It’s winter and almost dead silent during the late hours. At dusk and dawn, there is more activity, and here the nature sounds are characterized by lots of magpies, calls from greylag gees, grey heron and mallard ducks. Listen in Headphones.

Download mp3 (~140MB)

Dusk, 17:30-18:30, from getting dark to pitch black. Magpies starting a very noisy campaign at 29 minutes into the clip.

Download mp3 (~140MB)

Night, 2-3 am. Generally just relaxing and sleepy atmosphere over the bogland as traffic sounds are more faint. From time to time the silence is broken by calls of gees, ducks or heron.

Download mp3 (~70MB)

Dawn,  6:45-7:15 am.  Lots of magpies flying around microphones from 15 minutes into clip.

IMG_6376 IMG_6380

Tree ears setup mounted on tree by the water. The listening direction is over the water/ice

I was lucky the batteries lasted throughout the night. When I came in the morning, the recorder and battery pack felt very cold and drained, and almost gone into some hibernation state. But the recording was captured OK.



  1. […] I am curious to know more about the night sounds of this wetland through the seasons. My last night recording was in February. Now, spring is well advanced, and the activity level much […]


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