Posted by: recordingsofnature | March 8, 2016

Sound of rainy forest – early March 2016

This is an audio field recording of an early, rainy and cold Sunday morning in Brøndbyskoven, March 6th 2015. The clip starts just after sunrise, the temperature is about 2C.
This is the time of the year – that I kind of like – just before the onset of spring. It is getting much lighter but still so cold that the birds are only in the mood for subtle and halfhearted calls. In a month or two everything will be much more hectic and fullblown.

IMG_6476 - IMG_6477_ev4.8
Apart from the helicopter (t= 9:00), I think the recording came out to be quite relaxing. Early Sunday mornings are really the best option to avoid too much road noise – though it can never be avoided 100%.

Download mp3 (~120MB)

The recording was made using the standalone version of my simplified tree-ears setup. It is a fairly rainproof setup which uses multiple layers of nylon stocking fabric (sprayed with some footwear water repellent) for wind shielding.


IMG_6460The take was recorded directly in mp3 format (320kbps) but from a sound quality  viewpoint it would have been better to record it directly in wav format. It appears, the sharp transients of the nearby raindrops are causing some bad volume limiter effect which  makes the background noise quite uneven and fluctuating. It is not really optimal. I have never noticed this when I record in wav-format or when converting wav to mp3, so I suspect it has to do with the mp3 encoding of the (a bit old) M-audio Microtrack II recorder.



  1. Nice work on this! I just subscribed to your blog , I think I am going to create a blog myself and upload some sounds there, I have a YT account where I uploaded some. Here is my latest…


    • Thanks, I checked out your videos, nice field work. Interesting to see forest land in the US.


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