Posted by: recordingsofnature | April 24, 2016

Sunny April morning by Sømosen

This is a sound recording and photo capture from a sunny and windy April morning (22.4.2016) by Sømosen, where I have been recording a few times before. Fairly cold winds were blowing from North west. However, in the shelter of a row of bushes and trees, the sun felt incredibly nice. Many were out for a walk or walking the dog this morning.

April 22, 2016 Sømosen, Ballerup. Microphone setup

Spring is slightly late this year, as compared to last year. Still not that many singing birds, but chiffchaff and robin are surely active. About 200 meters ahead you can hear noise from the bog, mainly from a colony of black headed gulls and greylag gees just appearing with crowds of young gosling. This sound is however quite faint due to the wind direction coming from the opposite direction.

Download mp3 (~50MB)

The audio recording is intended to be as authentic as possible, with minimum post processing. Listen in headphones.

As, the wind came from the left on the recording, most background noise, from vehicles and aircraft, is heard from this direction. In the same way, sounds from the right feels muffled. Windy conditions do have some strong effect on soundscapes.

T=7C, 65%RH, 7 m/s NW, Simplified Tree ears stand-alone setup, with Primo 172 capsules. Photo stitched with Hugin.



  1. nice, thanks!


  2. […] of dawn in Sømosen (Friday 13. 2016), the bog just outside Copenhagen where I have been recording a few times before. I am curious to know more about the night sounds of this wetland through the seasons. My last […]


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