Posted by: recordingsofnature | May 9, 2016

Early morning, early May forest

Morning chorus atmosphere in Vestskoven, early May (7.5.2016). The chorus is at its maximum around 4:30 am, when it is still dark. The recording is from about 5 am, where the birds have calmed down a bit and the light has set in. Some warblers, including the Nightingale are not yet present, but I’m sure they will on my next recording.
The early hours have a special atmosphere. Especially now when the very first light appears very early, and before the traffic noise kicks in. It is like the forest, for a moment, has forgotten all human presence. It sure sounds like the best part of the day.

Vestskoven, May 7th. 2016. (click for very large version)

Vestskoven, May 7th. 2016 at 5:30 am. The last couple of days have been warm and summer-like, but only 5C this morning. (Click for very large version)

Download mp3 (~50MB)


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