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All-night recording from Vestskoven, May 21st 2016

This is an all-night recording from Vestskoven, a woodland just outside Copenhagen, 21st of May 2016. This time I found a location further west, about 50 meters into a very green and dense forest section. The visibility was only about 20 meters and I had no worries about any human finding my recording gear.

DSC_3574 - DSC_3582_rectli

View from the recorder in the morning, pointing in NE direction. Vestskoven May 22nd 2016. Click for larger version

The forest is full of whispering and rustling sounds, from all around. It sounds like rain, but it is not (only shortly at t=5:12.00). I really don’t know if it is insects, the leafs growing or small baby frogs hopping around (I saw a few). It is just there the whole time and the surroundings seem very much alive. At times it appears to be larger animals (mice and foxes?) that sniff around.

Recording starts 21:25, (at sunset, hearing me walk away) and ends 6:15 in the morning. Listen in open headphones.

Sunset 21:27 (t=0), Dusk  22:20 (t=0:53:00), Dawn 03:52 (t=6:25:00), Sunrise 04:47 (t=7:42:00).

In my latests recordings, I have been concerned with low frequency rumbling from roads and machinery. So I decided that this time should be different, and therefore spend quite some time trying to pick the best location in Vestskoven in terms of distance to populated areas, and in terms of wind direction with respect to the motorway. And a night between Saturday and Sunday should also help.
But it all turned out to be an utterly failure. The wind from South, which was supposed to be shielding the motorway noise, was far from effective. Furthermore, it turned out that the area is home to groups of campers who enjoy partying and playing music the whole night and morning. So lots of deep rumbling this time, as well.  All there is to say is I will try to succeed next time 🙂

Weather: 14C, 80%RH, 3-5 m/s  wind from South, heavy clouds, with showers drifting in from west. Dry asphalt.


View of the forest and the tree ears setup in the evening at recording start, 21:30 May 21, 2016



Tree-ears setup in the morning, without the wind protection.



  1. In my experience it is almost impossible to get completely away from the man made sounds of the world. As you say, wind direction and other atmospheric conditions have a lot to do with it. However, more significant is simply the fact that we humans make so much bloody noise.

    There is an old quarry near where I live which, when the conditions are right, the sound of silence is a wonder, with just the occasional caw of a crow.

    If you hadn’t said about the rustling sound, I would definitely have thought it was rain! Nice recording 🙂


    • Thanks. Yes, for me, living in the Copenhagen area, a truly silent place outdoor would be a very unusual experience, and something very interesting to “record”. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • There is no reason to think about rain… Yes there is rustling sound and I love it.

        Thank you very much for this blog.I follow you


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