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All-night recording from Sømosen, June 2rd 2016

All-night, unattended audio field recording from Sømosen, near Copenhagen June 2nd – 3rd 2016, – the bog I have been exploring a few times earlier this year; February 15th, April 22nd and May 13th. My aim with these recordings is just to observe and document, in an authentic manner, the seasonal variation of the nature and nature sounds. I think the night recordings give a special opportunity to imagine one self into that given place, in an endless recording, hearing the same as if you were a fly on a tree trunk. Your eyes are of no use anyway.

The summer has started with a bang since the last days of May, with daily temperatures reaching 25C. Everything is green green green.Though, I think the warm weather has caused the bird song to decline and this particular evening was surprisingly quiet. Later in the night the activity seemed to return to normal as the temperature dropped to 15C. A distant nightingale was however active more or less throughout the night.


This time, I found a new spot for my tree-ears under a group of trees and bushes near the reed bed. I must admit, the place felt a bit creepy in the twilight, and I was not 100% comfortable when setting up the gear.

The recording starts 22:15 (almost dusk) and ends 5:35 am (1 hour after sunrise). Listen in (open) headphones.

Cue list:

0:15:00 (22:30) Dusk
Distant Nightingale partly active, can be head together with gulls, geese and other waterfowl from the wetland.
Lots of road noise to the right (East), which is also the wind direction.
Some rustling nearby, but otherwise not much activity
1:42:00 (00:00) Reed warblers on/off, frogs, nightingale very faint.
2:45:00 (01:00) Road noise greatly reduced, overall very quiet.
Light winds cause some relaxing rustling and quirking.
More reed warblers on/off
4:14:00 (02:30) Something nearby?
4:29:00 (02:45) First cuckoo in the morning.
4:37:00 (02:53) Nightingale closer
5:04:00 (03:20) Gulls and birds wake up
5:14:00 (03:30) Wren, black bird start signing
5:21:00 (03:36) Dawn. Nightingale close again
5:30:00 (03:45) Black cap starts singing
5:40:00 (03:55) Great tit, chiffchaff starts singing
6:20:00 (04:35) Sunrise
7:18:00 (05:33) Loud crow nearby !!!

Weather: Clear sky, pretty warm and humid, 15-20C, 80%RH. Light eastern winds.


View over the green hills by Sømosen in the twilight. 2016 June 2nd.


Approaching the recorder in the morning.


Tree ears recording gear in the morning, Sømosen June 3rd 2016.




  1. Thank you very much


  2. Thank you for putting these online. Your recordings are very beautiful.


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