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All-night recording from Vestskoven near Porsemosen June 17th, 2016

This is yet another all-night recording, this time from a beautiful calm, early summer night and morning in Vestskoven near Porsemosen  June 17-18th 2016. Temperatures of 16-14C, pretty humid and with dense smells of green moist vegetation. Apparently also a perfect weather for mosquitoes. This part of Vestskoven is only accessible by bicycle or foot and lies up to Porsemosen, which is a large and rather undisturbed peat wetland known for a rich plant and wildlife.
The recording starts around 22:30, with the twilight rapidly falling. I managed to find a suitable tree trunk just by a small creek, where I could mount the tree-ears microphones pointing North East towards a small wetland.

It is now the shortest and lightest nights with sunset at 21:57 and sunrise at 04:25 – in every way a lovely time of the year!

DSC_3590 - DSC_3591-001

View of the landscape of the recording, evening. The tree-ears microphones are mounted on the tree to the right. Vestskoven June 17, 2016, 22:30.

I think the recording came out quite well, despite mostly quiet and distant sounds. The recording starts with a quick rain shower. In following the many hours a variety of delicate different sounds and activity can be heard in the area, including distant nightingales in the direction of Porsemosen, common grasshopper warbler, reed warbler, strange heron calls, fox barks, sky larks. In the morning hours the microphones get close range visits by  singing yellowhammer, common whitethroat, wood pigeon and grey crow. Listen in headphones!


Cue List
(00:00:00) Me leaving with my bicycle. Starting to rain.
22:52 (00:17:00) Dusk. Common grasshopper warbler. Rain almost stopped. Mosquitoes, Reed warbler, distant nightingale.
23:06 (00:31:00) Hoarse calls of grey heron?
23:25 (00:50:00) Many air planes passing by, with a few minutes interval
23:57 (01:22:00) Something to the right, stepping in to the mud
00:15 (01:42:00) Again hoarse calls of heron
00:25 (01:50:00) Reed warbler and common grasshopper warbler distant to the right
00:51  (02:16:00) The wind is picking up
02:17 (03:42:00) Only nightingale, and wind noise
02:40 (04:05:00) Reed warbler
02:50 (04:15:00) Sky larks start singing
02:56 (04:21:00) Fox barking to the left?
03:17 (04:42:00) Dawn. Black bird starts singing, more wind.
03:37 (05:02:00) Yellowhammer starts singing
03:51 (05:16:00) Common whitethroat nearby singing
04:25 (05:50:00) Sunrise
04:54 (06:19:00) Wood pigeon nearby
05:25 (06:50:00) Willow warbler singing nearby
05:49 (07:14:00) Common whitethroat singing nearby
06:05 (07:30:00) Calls of a tern or gull ?
06:27 (07:52:00) Crow nearby, otherwise lots of birds song activity
06:57 (08:23:00) I’m back

The recording is made in a fairly open landscape with mostly distant sounds, thus the overall sound level is not very high. Furthermore, the microphones are pointing NE which  is actually downwind, and I think this causes the recording to sound a bit dry with less echoes and reverberation, and actually picking up more sounds from behind than forwards, especially as the westerly wind picked up a few hours after midnight.

This time, I finally managed to avoid the rumbling of road noise. I think it must have been the westerly winds that provided an effective shielding of the nearby motorway system, whereof the nearest section is only 1.8 km away in eastern direction (see map).


Installing the tree-ears microphones on the tree trunk, still without the wind protection at 22:30, slowly getting dark.

DSC_3596 - DSC_3605

Panoramic view from the microphones in the morning; the small creek flows right under the tree and continues to a tiny lake just behind the green bushes. Vestskoven, June 18, 2016


The tree-ears recording setup as found in the morning


The tree ears with only the first, inner layer of wind protection.




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