Posted by: recordingsofnature | September 12, 2016

Quiet rainy forest ambience, September 2016

Quiet forest ambience on a partly rainy Sunday, September 4th, Brøndbyskoven, Copenhagen. Early afternoon, about 18C.


Tree-ears microphone setup can be seen attached to a tree trunk in the centre of the photo.

The whole summer I have been thinking that the leaves of trees and plants this year are particularly dark green and heavy (at least here in Denmark). It is most likely due to a special combination of weather and temperatures during the growth season, but I’m also contemplating that the increasing CO2 concentration are stating to act as a fertilizer, substantially boosting the growth of green plants and trees. This concentration has increased by almost 30% since the 1950’s, so I think it could have a significant effect on plant growth, at least compared to 60 years ago.

Download mp3 (~50MB)

On the recording you can hear the rain slowly building up. Initially dry conditions. At t=11:30minutes I skip into a more rainy part.
As usual with this forest, the resulting ambience is a combination of nature sounds and loud traffic rumbling. Recording is trimmed but otherwise unprocessed.

The recording is only about 20 minutes long, mainly intended to be a test of some setup adjustments and modifications, including rain protection. I need to check that the gear is ready for Autumn, where I may need longer and more demanding recordings under moist,  windy and dark conditions. The system functioned well this time, but still not really convinced, since my Microtrack II recorder is starting to be quite unstable…




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