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Night recording Amager Fælled, September 2016

This is an all-night audio recording from Amager Fælled, 18-19th September 2016. Amager fælled is a very diverse and unique green area just 2.5 km from the centre of Copenhagen. That is why quarter chimes of the town hall are clearly heard. The area has various vegetation and biotopes; mainly shrubland with a mix of forest, lake, reed forest and old salt marsh with grazing cows, and it is mainly left wild. Due to its size of 2.5 km2 it’s a really good opportunity for the Copenhagen citizens to step out into almost wild nature.
There are present plans of using the old marsh areas for buildings, as well as road construction.


Amager fælled, september 18 2016. View from the recorder into the bush vegetation


For the recording I found a spot aside from the main paths into some bush vegetation just at the banks of a water channel with reeds.  I think the recording serves well to give a relaxing and authentic insight into the nature- and city  night sounds of Amager Fælled, September anno 2016 before various construction work sets in.

Download mp3 (NB ~700MB)

The recording is shortened to span the hours from 22:00-3:00 in the morning, plus  5 minutes in the beginning when I leave the setup in the dusk at 20:00. As I am recording in mp3 I dont have any options to post process the audio, expect trimming and changing the volume (in Mp3DirectCut). Listen in headphones, medium-high volume.

Night temperatures about 14C, dry air with no dew in the morning and persistent winds from NE. Recorder pointing north.


The recorder in the morning, seen in the middle

The recording is generally without much action, instead it really made me fall a sleep several times when I listened through the recording. The nature sounds are dominated by the gentle wind rustling in the tree tops, and occasional rustling of passing animals in the grass / reeds and faint calls.
The city sounds are mainly noise from roads and the metro line (above terrain) to the right and Copenhagen airport somewhere 5 km backwards to the right.

Cue list:
0:01    Me leaving the setup time is 20
0:02    Rådhusklokker, time is now 20
0:05    A few noisy planes
0:05    Råhusklokker. Time is now 22
0:13    Good blows of wind but also planes taking off
0:15    Rustling from animal near by
0:42    Something heavy making its way through reeds
1:03    Planes
1:05    Rådhusklokker time is 23.
1:10    Something nearby
1:45    Big plane
2:05    Rådhusklokker, midnight!
2:14    Violent planes
2:17    Something around
2:24    Some rustling and wind blows. Getting more quiet.
3:09    Planes
3:27    Strange calls to the right
4:06    Faint call, whistle
4:26    Frog?
4:31    Very quiet, some faint calls and rustling
5:00 End of recording, time is now almost 3.


Tree-ears setup used for the recording, here without the wind protection.






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