Posted by: recordingsofnature | October 31, 2016

Autumn forest audio recording, October 29th 2016

This is an audio field recording October 29th in Brøndbyskoven on a sunny and pretty windy afternoon, about 10C, winds from NW.


View from the recorder. Looking at the images the magnitude of wind rustling noise is surprising, and it also appears stronger on the recording than I remember it from the field. But is must be fairly correct, and the recording has not been processed in any way. Listen in headphones.

Download mp3 (~54MB)

The trees still have plenty of leaves and the forest now stands beautifully yellow and green.


The canopy is however rapidly thinning out. Now is really the time to enjoy these beautiful autumn colors, and watch the forest’s fascinating transformation from magnificent shadowy green halls into transparent open areas.
The forest still has the sound of rustling leaves, but soon this will also be gone with hardly any sound from the wind, only leaving the traffic and other distant noises even more present.

It would be all dull, if not for the fresh layer of yellow crisp leafs on the ground, which also makes a great sound when walking through it.



  1. I like the movement of the wind & leaves across the stereo field – it’s a lovely sound – well captured!


  2. I love how this sounds! I can listen to it all day! Thank you so much!


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