Posted by: recordingsofnature | December 30, 2016

Winter forest sounds, Christmas day

Audio nature recording from the winter forest of December 25th 2016, Brøndbyskoven. Recording starts around 9 am.


Microphone setup at the recording location in Brøndbyskoven

Temperature 4C and barely no wind, rain slowly setting in. The forest is now leafless, greyish and transparent. Sounds are dominated by more distant sources, including church bells from Brøndbyøster kirke (400 m) and motorway noise (1.5 km), but also flocks of small birds and crows calling to each other can be heard from time to time. In the beginning you hear me walk away.

Download mp3 (~140MB)

Here in Denmark, Christmas (juleaften) is celebrated on the evening of the 24th, with church, rice porridge, pork roast/duck, Christmas tree and presents. The 25th is mostly a day for good relaxing and maybe a walk in the forest.


Wide angle view from the recorder


Brøndbyøster kirke seen from the forest


Brøndbyskoven, December 2016


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