Posted by: recordingsofnature | January 18, 2017

Winter day sounds by Roskilde Fjord

Nature audio recording of the quiet and calm atmosphere on a winter day in January, Borrevejle Vig, Roskilde fjord.  January 14 2017. The recording starts at about 2 pm, duration 78 minutes.
Partly sunny , westerly wind and about 3C.


Wide angle view from the recorder. Click for (much) larger version.

The surrounding reed beds give a relaxing whispering hiss, but otherwise this recording serves to give a picture of the overall silent winter landscape. I think it will be in clear contrast to how it will be in a few months time. Listen in headphones.

Download mp3 (~190MB)

With some effort, though, it is possible to hear various water fowl on the water, mostly at a distance. I think some gees and swans. The water is overall ice free.
And then of course the motorway to the right in the bottom of the fjord and air planes that come and go with deep rumbling.


The recorder setup (stand-alone tree ears)


Another view of the recorder


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