Posted by: recordingsofnature | May 13, 2017

Night recording May 3 – 4th, Brøndbyskoven

Yet another recording in the series of night recordings at Brøndbyskoven, this time from the night of Wednesday 3 – 4th May 2017 same place as last time.

DSC_4791 - DSC_4799

Wide angle view from the recorder, 8.45 pm

A beautiful May evening after a sunny day with up to 14C. The temperature in the evening 10C, dropping to 6C in the morning. Surprisingly low winds in the forest, despite persistent easterly winds throughout the day. The air humidity was unusually low RH% = 50%, making all surfaces dry and dusty.  The recent days of cold and rainy conditions were quickly forgotten.

I started the recording at 20:50 pm (sunset) and stopped it 5:40 am (about sunrise). I have selected two clips from the session (listen in head phones).

Download mp3 (~140MB)

Quiet deep night atmosphere 2:30 – 3:30 am

Download mp3 (~140MB)

Surprisingly modest morning chorus 4:20-5:20 am

Green colours have now started to pop out everywhere. But in general the recording turned out more quiet than expected. I think this is due to the last couple of weeks’ disappointing weather, as seen on the temperature and precipitation graph below.

weather diagram2

April started off with a warm sunny period, which really started the blooming, including an early rise in birch pollen. But this period didn’t last long, gradually turning cold and rainy, giving an overall downward temperature trend throughout April. This has seemingly effectively hold back the spring activities. Only the last few days brought the warmer weather back, though still very windy.

I think this weather may have confused and messed up the biological clock of many plants, insects and animals, and this could also explain the low birds song activity. In addition, hardly any of the migrating birds had arrived yet.







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