Posted by: recordingsofnature | October 1, 2017

Rainy September forest ambience

This is an all-night audio field recording of the September forest ambience, captured at my usual spot in Brøndbyskoven (See also: 3-5-2017. 22-3-2017, 11-2-2017). Its now 24th of September and autumn is rapidly emerging. Still everything is green, just in gradually darker nuances. It has been a very wet month and neither did this recording escape a good amount of rain.

DSC_5107 - DSC_5115 (2)

Rainy morning in Brøndbyskoven, September 24, 2017. Click for much larger version.

There is not much activity to hear in the night. Out of the full recording of +12 hours  I have chosen a clip from the deep night ambience where you can hear the rain setting in. Listen in headphones.

3:15 – 5:15 am – Deep night ambience

Download mp3 (~280MB)

The clip starts 3:15 am. In the first half, you can hear the calm forest ambience with occasional raindrops from the canopy. At about 4:15 more persistent rain sets in, lasting the rest of the clip.


Recording setup in Brøndbyskoven. Everything is still dense and green.

T=14 C, >95% RH, light rain, wind very calm from East. Standard Tree-ears microphone setup w. Primo 172 capsules, Microtrack 24/96 with powerbank.

More images from the take below:










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