Posted by: recordingsofnature | June 18, 2021

Nature Update: Exploring the green summer vegetation, Vestvolden – 16 June 2021

Nature video update from Vestvolden in Copenhagen June 16, 2021, around 11:30 am.

In this video I’m taking a ramble in my usual area by Vestvolden, along the water canal, through the tree vegetation and into the grass field. I have visited this place a few times before, eg. in May, January and December.

I like to observe the changes over the seasons. This time, I think I succeeded in capturing some of the early summer atmosphere with lush green growth and the feeling of life everywhere.

Inside the wood the light is remarkably dimmed. Only few rays of sunlight reach the forest floor, instead the main light source is the green canopy. This creates a strong green cast in the video.

Watch the video with headphones for a full experience (Slow-TV, Binaural Audio).

Weather: 18C, sunny.

We have (again) had a sustained dry period with no rain for many weeks now, however it is good to see that the vegetation seems fairly unaffected, at least in the shady areas. The forecast for the coming days predicts a heat wave (plus 30C), luckily the forecast also indicates heavy showers, so this is something I look forward to.

Equipment used: Customized setup with Sony fdr-x3000 action cam, Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal. Video settings: WB 6000K, AVC 30 fps, 50mpbs. Wide angle, active stabilization. 0.75 lens.

Vestvolden 16. Juni 2021
Vestvolden 16. Juni 2021

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