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All-night audio-field recording Vestskoven, May 31. 2019

All night audio-field recording in Vestskoven, May 31-June 1 2019.  It’s prime time of spring. During May we have had good precipitation and warmth. Everything is now growing, and insects are plentiful and active. The birdsong is also close to its maximum these days.

Tree ears microphone setup in Vestskoven, May 31. 2019

It turned out to be a night without much happening nearby the recorder. A single (semi distant) nightingale sang without a break throughout the night, only accompanied with an occasional Woodcock. Around 3:30am the birdsong slowly faded in, in a homogeneous manner, making it difficult to identify the individual bird species. But the choir seemed to be mainly composed of thrushes and tree warblers.

Nice and calm weather, 14C, moist,  in the morning light breezes from SW.

Listen in headphones.

Recording starts  2:30 am and ends at 5:00. Transcription of the clip:
0:00 Nightingale, woodcock.
0:11 More woodcock
0:23 Fox barking faint
0:34 Reed warbler
0:42 Loud motorbike
0:52 Tawny owl
0:57 Fox and woodcock
0:58 Bird song fades in, woodcock
1:08 More nearby thrusts joins the choir
1:35 Peaking birdsong
1:59 Fox barking and a bit of wind
2:11 Cuckoo
2:16 Some animal approaching from the right!
2:30 More windy, black cap, cuckoo, nightingale

This time, I have tried to capture a video from the trip, to better document the place and surroundings of the audio recording (and also to give insight into the life of a nature recordist).  Hereby, hopefully help the inner imagination when listening to the sounds of the night.

More images



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Early morning Forest, Brøndbyskoven May 11, 2019

Early morning Audio-Video report from the forest, Brøndbyskoven, Copenhagen, 11th May 2019.

Brøndbyskoven 5:30 AM May 11 2019

May is upon us and spring is in full flourish. A chill morning 4C. The bird song is pretty decent, but I think I need to be up much earlier to catch the real morning chorus. Unfortunately the nearby motorway is quite loud, even here at 5 am in the morning.

Listen in headphones for full experience.



Equipment used: Customized setup with Sony fdr-x3000 action cam, Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal and external audio recording using my Tree-ears microphones. Video settings: WB 7000K, EV -0.7 to -1.3, AVC 25fps, 50mpbs. Wide angle, active stabilization. Vivid colors. No post processing of video footage, except trimming, combining and audio dubbing (in Avidemux).

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Fresh green forest, Brøndbyskoven 28th April 2019

Audio video report from Brøndbyskoven 28th April 2019.

Brøndyskoven 29 april 2019

The forest is now rapidly turning green. It is impressive how fast the new leafs are growing and unfolding. The photosynthesis and cell multiplications must really be going. The bright green color and distinctive smell of the fresh leafs give the forest a delicate and unique feeling which only lasts quite short.

The video starts at 10:30 am. Use headphones for best experience.

The video is again recorded with my new combined video and audio field recording rig. As an experiment i have tried to use a higher frame rate, 50 fps instead of typical 25 fps, to see if it improves the video reproduction of the walk through the forest. I think it looks good, but the high amount of moving details really puts pressure on the video compression.

Equipment used: Customized setup with Sony fdr-x3000 action cam, Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal and external audio recording using my Tree-ears microphones. Video settings: WB 6800K, EV -0.3 to -0.7, mp4 50fps, 25mpbs. Wide angle, active stabilization. Vivid colors. No post processing of video footage, except trimming, combining and audio dubbing (in Avidemux).

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Early spring in Dyrehaven, 15th April 2019 (audio-video)

This is an audio-video nature report (Slow-TV) from early spring in Dyrehaven north of Copenhagen 15th April 2019.

Dyrehaven 15th April 2019

Use headphones for best experience.


Since the first half of March, which was record breaking wet, we have entered a dry and sunny period, and not a single drop of rain has fallen since then. It is getting really dry now. This weather appears similar to last years record breaking sunny drought in May and June, caused by some stable high pressure and blockage of the jet stream over Scandinavia. It sure feels like nice weather, but I really prefer the normal unsettled weather type with a mix of passing rain, clouds and sunshine. I hope not this is going to be the usual weather type in spring.

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Dusk spring forest (audio-video walk) Brøndbyskoven April 7th

In this audio-video recording I am exploring the sounds and atmosphere of the forest in the fading light, Brøndbyskoven (Copenhagen), 7th April 2019.

The video starts 20:10 around sunset and I ramble around until it gets quite dark. It is early spring, and the forest is still open and overall leafless. 13C.

Slow-TV without much action. Listen in headphones for full experience.


Equipment used:
Customized setup with Sony frd-x3000 action cam on the Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal and external audio recording using my Tree-ears microphones.
Video settings: WB 7100K, EV -1.0 to -1.3, mp4 17mpbs. Vivid colors (after 25 minutes switched to Neutral). No post processing of video footage, except trimming, combining and audio dubbing (in Avidemux).

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Early spring by Vestvolden – Audio video walk, 3 April 2019

In this no-talk video walk I am exploring early signs of spring by Vestvolden/ Brøndbyskoven, Copenhagen, 3rd April 2019. Things are now quickly starting to grow and colors are beginning to pop out. Vestvolden 3. April 2019. Screen grab from video.

Vestvolden is the old fortification complex west of Copenhagen. It holds today quite interesting nature with the water canal, hilly terrain, diverse trees and bush vegetation. A downside in terms of sound recording is however the O3 motorway which lies just next door and follows the fortification all the way round.

Warning: Slow-TV.  Absolutely no action or drama to be expected in this video 😉

I am still testing my new audio-video setup. In terms of audio quality, the recording is unfortunately suffering from some Wi-fi EMF noise from my mobile phone, which I am using as a view finder for the camera. I will need to try shielding the mikes somehow for the next recording.

12C, video starts at 18:50. Equipment: Customized setup with Sony fdr-x3000 action cam, on Smooth Q gimbal and external audio recording using tree-ears microphones. Settings: WB 7000K, EV -0.3 to -1.0, mp4 17mpbs. No post processing of video footage only audio dubbing.


Hereby a first-person walking video with semi binaural audio from Brøndbyskoven, March 24th 2019.

Brøndbyskoven 24 marts 2019

In the video, I am taking a round-trip in the forest passing by my usual recording spot. It is still early spring, and everything is just brown and grey. The signs of spring are sparse, if not for the bird song which has started to pick up. We have had record-breaking rain during the first half of March, so everything is plenty prepared for the growing season. I am looking forward to revisit this place on a regular basis to follow the greening of the trees and growth of the vegetation.

[Listen to the audio with headphones to hear realistic ambient sounds]

The video is captured using a new a new audio+video setup I have been working on recently. It is based on a Sony fdr-x3000 camera, Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal and a portable version of my Tree-ears microphones. I hope to use this setup in future nature recording sessions to supplement the audio with video footage. I will need to be doing a few more optimizations and improve my filming technique, but overall I think the setup is quite usable. A full description of the new setup will given in the next blog post.

Sunday March 24, 2019, video starts at 17:50. Calm weather 8C.  Video settings: Sony FDR-x3000, WB 7000K, EV -1.0, Vivid, Mp4 ~17mbps, Medium angle, std stabilisation. Video straight out of the camera only with audio track dubbed Zhiyun (Avidemux)






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Night recording from Reed bed, Roskilde fjord, June 4, 2018

Hereby an all-night audio field recording from a reed bed by Roskilde fjord, June 4-5, 2018.


Twilight over the red bed and Roskilde fjord, June 4th 2018, 22:30

This year, it has not been a usual spring. Since the beginning of May the weather has been extremely hot, sunny and dry.  Day after day, 25C and not a cloud in the sky. It has been like going directly from winter to summer, completely bypassing the typical spring weather. This really prevented me from doing my usual spring recordings this year.

For this recording I found a place by the shore in a quite deep reed bed. The clip is from 3:00 to 5:30 am, starting with an almost silent night ambience. Shortly, along with the first light, the first birds start singing reaching a maximum morning chorus after about one hour into the clip. Listen in headphones.

Download mp3, 330 MB

I was expecting more sounds and activity from the reed bed and the water shore here in the beginning of June, which is really prime time of the year. However, it was all rather quiet during the dark hours. I think the warm and dry weather was the main factor. I will try to make the same recording again next year to make a comparison.

Temperature 23C in the evening dropping to 17C during the night. Very light wind (NW). Dew in the morning.




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Night recording in Vestskoven, April 27th

This is an all-night audio recording April 27th, 2018 from Vestskoven – a forestland 15 km outside Copenhagen. This part of the forest is 30-40 years old, and is fairly open and undisturbed.


After a solid period of warm weather, everything is now rapidly growing and blooming. The same high activity level can found amongst the wildlife, birds and insects.

The weather forecast for the night indicated a slight chance for a quick shower, however (surprisingly) it turned out to be more or less rain the whole night. Luckily the setup survived just fine. The wind was very calm, and initially in a favorable direction with respect to the nearby motorway, but it gradually turned less favorable during the night, so in the morning the traffic noise was a bit louder. In addition, some other constant deep (machinery) rumble is heard during the whole morning.

The clip below is from the very late night hours 2:30-5:00 am.

In the clip you can hear various night/morning activities and still rain coming and going. E.g. some unknown bird calls(00:08 and 0:14), distinct fox barking (0:40), more rain (0:49), woodcock (1:06, 1:15) and the morning chorus starting from (1:54) especially dominated by a song thrush(?) (2:20).

Calm winds, from SE turning SW, 12-8C. Mostly rainy.

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Decline in insect populations – is silence spreading over the land?

Recent research report on significant decline in insect populations. In Germany a 75 percent decline in total flying insect mass has been observed over a duration of 27 years in natural reserves (Hallmann, 2017[1]). Another study reports on a 45 percent decline in invertebrate populations over the past 40 years based on global monitoring data (Dirzo, 2014[2]), see figure below.


Dirzo, 2014 [2]

The reason behind is not 100% clear, but the obvious suspects are pesticides use, intensive agriculture, shrinking habitats, urbanization, use of fertilizers amongst others. [3], [6]

I think this is disturbing news. A future scenario where major insect populations have collapsed and insects are largely abundant looks quite realistic with the current decline rates. This would be just sad in every aspect. Insects are fundamental drivers of ecosystems, food chains, biological processes and biodiversity.

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