Posted by: recordingsofnature | October 29, 2017

October rainy night ambience and tawny owl, Brøndbyskoven

Another rainy night recording from Brøndbyskoven, Sunday night October 22nd 2017, captured at my usual spot in the forest.

The recording is not that different from last night recording in September. Again it was a rainy night. The forest leaves have started yellowing and falling, but the majority are still on the trees, making the forest still dense and reverberant. Like September, October has been very wet with almost constant rain. The forest bed is now very muddy.


Brøndbyskoven 22. Octotber 2017. Sun already setting around 6 pm.

I didn’t manage to take many photos this time, as it was already quite dark when I came to the forest to set up the microphones, at 6:15 pm.  And again in the morning at 7 when I had planned to bring it home, it was indeed complete darkness.

The recording is mostly a peaceful rainy ambience of varying intensity. Traffic noise is of coarse also present, but Sunday night is usually the most quiet night of the week. Apart from that, not much happening, except around 2:40 am when a Tawny owl entered the scene with atmospheric howling for 10 minutes. Listen in headphones.

1:00 – 3:00 am – Rainy night ambience

Download (~280MB)

0:00 Quite intense rain
0:15 Rain declining
0:20 Train
0:45 Mostly raindrops from the canopy
1:21 Tawny owl

T = 9-10 C, mostly rain, damp and foggy. Nearly still, easterly wind. Sunrise: 07:58, Sunset:17:53.
Recording made using standard Tree ears microphone setup, Primo 172 capsules, Microtrack 24/96, with external powerbank, mp3 320kbps, minimum rec level + 28dB boost.



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